In today’s world, it is difficult to turn a corner without seeing the work of a Fashion Photographer. We see hundreds of images a day in life and social media where footwear, accessories, and clothing are showcased in the most aesthetically pleasing packages. Sydney’s fashion scene is definitely a hot place to be right now. Fashion is a $12 billion industry, employing 220,000 people across the country. As a hot bed of Australian activity, it is clear why Sydney is a fashion capital of the world. Here is a look into the hottest fashion photographers in Sydney.

Best Fashion Photography In Sydney

  1. Sarah Fountain
  2. Henry Lobaczewski
  3. Daniella Rose
  4. Anastasia Fua
  5. Julia Trotti
  6. Gray Noise
  7. Bondi Hunter

Sarah Fountain

Sarah Fountain, a trendsetting photographer based in the world famous Bondi Beach takes wander lust and fashion, and blends them together into an aesthetically pleasing portfolio. Her jaw dropping work has been featured in international magazines such as Vogue Australia, Elle Greece, Culture Magazine, Velvet Magazine and many more.

Location: Bondi Beach, Sydney

Style: Editorial


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Contact : Sarah Fountain


Henry Lobaczewski

Starting off as an art Director for Lorna Jane, Henry Lobaczewski, quickly grew as a top name in Sydney’s fashion industry. While he started off with no clients in Sydney, that notion quickly changed once his look books and other work paved the way for success. Since then, Lobaczewski has worked with Triumph, Cloud Nine, Galanni, and many more, creating superb images.

Location: Sydney

Style: Editorial

Price: Inquiries

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Contact : Henry Lobaczewski


Daniella Rose

Sydney is a bit brighter and lovelier thanks to this fashion photographer. Daniella Rose has offered bold and beautiful aesthetics to the Sydney fashion scene for nearly 10 years. She plays off of Australia’s bold hues – from the “red earth of the Australian outback to the blue waters of her local, Bondi.” Her portfolio boasts clients such as Walt Disney, La Prairie and KAS Australia as well as celebrities such as Anna Heinreich, Hayden Quinn, Alfie Arcuri and many more.

Location: Bondi Beach, Sydney

Style: Editorial

Price: Email

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Contact : Daniella Rose


Anastasia Fua

The dynamic Anastasia Fua fits perfectly into the ever-growing world of Sydney fashion. With humble beginnings as a dreamer admiring Dior, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Fua has chased her passion of fashion photography and come out on top as one of Sydney’s most creative photographers. She’s been featured on numerous Webitorials such as Vanity Teen Online, Bridal Musings, VULKAN Magazine and countless more.

Location: Sydney, NSW

Style: Editorial

Price: Contact by

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Contact : Anastasia Fua


Julia Trotti

Versatile Sydney Photographer, Julia Trotti delves into her work as well as technical content on her website. She not only does Fashion Photography and Portrait Photography, but covers Lookbooks, Campaigns, Editorial and Gear Reviews that any aspiring photographer should follow. Her clients and publications include Vogue Italia, Canon Australia, Shutterbug Magazine, Dotti, Nokia, Vans Australia, and many, many more! Her bohemian and chic vibes give us all the aesthetic goals we need in life.

Location: Sydney

Style: Editorial/Bohemian

Price: Contact for inquiries

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Contact : Julia Trotti


Gray Noise

This collective of photographers in Sydney was founded by Dan Gray. He established the studio over 15 years ago and has built up an impressive repertoire. Originally a Web and Multimedia Designer, Gray now uses his time and talents to create unique spreads for numerous publications and clients.

Location: Sydney, NSW

Style: Editorial/Vintage

Price: Contact

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Contact : Gray Noise


Bondi Hunter

This photographer on our Top 10 Fashion Photographers list has a unique twist on the fashion game: he’s a world-renowned surf photographer. While he has been a talented fashion and editorial photographer for 20 years, Hunter also has been featured in world surf magazines capturing some of the most iconic surf shots the world has to see.

Location: Sydney, NSW

Style: Editorial

Price: Contact

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