In today’s world, it is difficult to turn a corner without seeing the work of a Fashion Photographer. We see hundreds of images a day in life and social media where footwear, accessories, and clothing are showcased in the most aesthetically pleasing packages. Our Pinterest goals are only made possible by the fashion photographer that captures these ever-evolving aesthetics. In Melbourne, this niche of photography is growing every day. To help you keep up with Melbourne’s best, here are the top 10 photographers you should know about.


Peter Rosetzky

Description/Experience: Creating fashion brand imagery for over 20 years, Peter Rosetzky sets the bar high with vivid photos that capture your attention. He is based in Melbourne and sets himself apart by creating dynamic images featuring bold lines and a strong sense of design. This edgy take is a fresh perspective in the fashion world which can, at times, feel generic in a mass of monochromatic Instagram posts.

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Specialty: Bold/Edgy Creative

Social: Peter Rosetzky

Contact : Peter Rosetzky


Katie Fergus

Katie Fergus breathes life into the fashion photography industry through her creative mind and rich images. She has been featured in multiple iconic Fashion spreads such as Elle Australia, Harpers Bazaar Australia and Vogue Australia (the list goes on, really). In her 8 years of working in street and fashion photography, she has become a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world.  Fergus brings a flash of individuality into her work that will leave you wanting more.

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Style: Street Style/Portraiture

Social: Katie Fergus

Contact : Katie Fergus


Jess Lafrankie

Jess Lafrankie, member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, has been published in over 40 international magazines, earning her a top spot in Melbourne’s fashion photography scene. Her editorial photography is the stuff of fashion dreams and her commercial portfolio leaves you wanting to jump into the luxurious images she’s captured.

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Style: Editorial/Commercial

Social: Jess Lafrankie

Contact : Jess Lafrankie


Bernard Gueit

Bernard Gueit’s distinctive style has graced brands such as Clarks, Hanes, Vogue, InStyle and so much more. Since a young age, he gravitated towards creative photography and naturally made a name for himself in the fashion industry. His work is strongly influenced by the 60s, 70s and 80s, but with a crisp and clear modern twist. Definitely don’t miss out on this Melbourne talent.

Location: Windsor, VIC

Style: Retro/Editorial

Social: Bernard Gueit

Contact : Bernard Gueit


Tracey Lee Hayes

Fresh and trendy, Tracey Lee Hayes amazes with editorial fashion shots with multiple fashion brands. From Target to QIC to Hush Puppies, all of Hayes’ work screams creative fashion genius. Her eye for detail cannot be mistaken and she is a fashion force to be reckoned with. Right now, her Instagram feed is filled with retro London street style that gives us all the nostalgic feels.

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Style: Street Style/ Editorial

Social: Tracey Lee Hayes

Contact : Tracey Lee Hayes


Vlad Savin

From Editorial to Advertising to Portraits, Vlad Savin pushes his way to the top of an already competitive photography field. Savin’s work is very interesting, with different perspectives and settings that give a window into a very creative mind. Savin’s work is peppered with vibrant hues and black and white images. He has partnered with REVS Digital, Nasty Magazine, One Magazine, Pressure Paris, Fashion Grunge and many more.

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Style: Edgy/Editorial

Social: Vlad Savin

Contact : Vlad Savin


Joseph Brabet

Joseph Brabet of Brabet Photo is an accomplished Melbourne photographer. Featured in Solis Magazine, Ellements Magazine, BeautyMute and many more, Brabet’s unique style captures attention with high contrast images. His clean and crisp fashion looks show an attention to detail like no other.

Location: Carlton North, VIC

Style: Editorial

Social: Joseph Brabet

Contact : Joseph Brabet


Peter Coulson

You don’t need vivid colors to create show stopping images. Peter Coulson uses black and white photography to capture unique photographs that take fashion to the next level. While there are some color photos sprinkled into the mix, every single one of Coulson’s photos are show stoppers in their own right. Some of them take an edgier vibe, but Coulson shows a soft side too. Definitely don’t miss out on this unique talent.

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Style: Black&White/ Editorial

Social: Peter Coulson

Contact : Peter Coulson


Liz Sunshine

For 8 years, Liz Sunshine has helped create the Street Style Image that all fashion photographers strive for. She has worked with today’s most influential style brands such as Vogue Australia, Elle Australia, GQ, Louis Vuitton and many more. Her distinctive style, capturing the most on-trend looks always turns heads and inspires fashion gurus from around the world.

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Style: Street Style

Contact : Liz Sunshine


Karen Woo

Featured in Vogue, Dior and many other of the world’s most prestigious fashion hubs, Karen Woo dominates a corner of the fashion photography industry in Melbourne. She is quickly becoming one of Australia’s most sought-after fashion and street style photographers. Some of her partners and recent projects include Nikon Australia, Vogue Australia, Lexus, Bally and Samsonite as well as Mercedes-Benz World-Wide.

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Specialty: Street Style

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Social: Karen Woo

Contact : Karen Woo