Modelling agencies find jobs for models in various entertainment or broadcast businesses. They also support and promote their client’s interest. These agencies help nurture models and prepare them for what to expect in the modelling industry before eventually sending them out for various representations. This article highlights the top 7 of these agencies that are present in the city of Adelaide. Listed below in no order are the top 7 modelling agencies in Adelaide:


Adelaide Faces Agency

Adelaide Faces Agency is one that’s been a training ground for young and upcoming models. They have helped to create many of Australia’s Top Models with over thirty years of industry experience and are responsible for bringing many careers to the limelight. The force behind the agency Salvatore Agostino, spent time scouting, training and managing models and is responsible for assisting many models to achieve great heights in the Modelling industry. The agency has always provided excellence, quality and professionalism.

Location: level 1/27 Myer Centre, 22 rundle mall, Adelaide, SA 5000

Clientele: Ford

Year: 1990

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Tanya Powell Models

Since its inception in 1974, the Tanya Powell Models has trained some of Australia’s top models of which many have achieved successes all around the globe.  Some others have pursued modelling on a part-time basis, combining it with another career or with secondary or tertiary studies.

There are workshop provisions for those registered with the agency for skill enhancement in any chosen field. The Agency regularly deals with leading casting consultants, television directors and producers as well as production houses. International Companies and Agencies are always updated with latest talents from Tanya Powell Models which helps the agency stay relevant.

Location:1/88 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, SA, 5006

Year: 1974

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Finesse Models

A reliable connection with the outside world put this modelling agency on this list. Finesse models agency has been able to place models in places of high demands, and this is attributed to the fact that they wouldn’t settle for less. They are always training and launching unparalleled models. Since its opening in 1983, it has launched countless models to highly rated places. Holding the reins of the company is Brigette Mitchell, who took the company and developed it into Adelaide’s leading booking agency.

Location: 30 Gunson Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Clientele: Vogue

Year: 1983

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Azalea Models Agency

Still in its maturing stage and maintaining a small and highly selective line up of talent, Azalea Models Agency have been able to create a united team of models. In the space of six years, they have built a leading reputation and developed strong relationships with reputable clients and agencies in Sydney, Paris, and London. They work their bottoms off to ensure that each of their models obtain the required potential for an influential and lasting career within the fashion industry. This mother and daughter agency (Anne Sherwood and Stacey Hendrickson) has become what it is today because they ensure their models are in environments that help boost their esteem and confidence.

Location: 9 E Pallant Street, North Adelaide SA 5006

Year: 2013

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Kalou Models

With a keen specialty in Runway and Photographic modelling, this agency has pushed and set boundaries in the modelling world by combining multicultural diversity and unequalled talent. Their interest is in creating further opportunities to showcase fantastic talent in different ways (events, print, social media and networking prospects).

With a great management team, they are great achievers in supporting their models and clients to a high degree.

Location:514 Goodwood Road, Daw Park SA 5041

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Price Models

Price Models Agency take out time to search for, nurture and present talented models. Ever since its origination, they have built and launched some of Australia’s top models. They help models who are still schooling create the right balance between academics and work.  Their branch spread from Adelaide across to Melbourne.

Location: St Peters, SA

Year: 2008

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RMT Management

Have you ever wondered from where some models dropped? Teresa Palmer is one whose roots we can trace back to RMT Management. Continuously releasing new faces to the industry, this agency has proved to be relentless. Strategically positioned at Adelaide studios, they waste no time in putting out their newly trained. They produce models that are well nurtured and prepared to face every modelling challenge. Angie Christophel, the founder, has over the years been able to replicate herself in her models which is the reason why they all seem to know what to expect at any point in the modelling industry.

Location: 226 Fullarton rd., Glenside SA 5065

Clientele: Peter Fischer, Songstress, Admental

Year: 2009

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